Clinical Findings and Investigations

  • History of GTCS for the last 3 years
  • She also gave history of headache with Vertigo & Vomiting since 23 years
  • MRI findings on 17.02.10 suggested Right Pariental / Paramedian Convesity and Septum Pellucidum SOL Herniating into left Cerebral Parenchyma and causing midline shift of 8mm ——– MENINGIOMA
  • Treated operatively on 19.02.10 – under G/A, Right Fronto Parietal Craniotomy and removal of Tumour done, Dural Close done.
  • Post operatively managed with Anti-Biotics, Cerebral Decongestants and other supportive measures. Vital parameter is OK and the patient is discharged..

Pre Operative Images

Post Operative Images