Core Group of the Indo-Japan Neurosurgical Meeting at Osaka,Japan 2012. Surgical Techniques for Cerebellar tumors was presented from our hospital.

With Prof. William Couldwell, USA

Visit by Dr R.P.Sengupta (England) and Prof John and Prof Stella (Greece)

Guest Lecture at International Spine Surgery Conference

Presenting a Paper on Posterior Circulation Aneurysms at the 15th WFNS

Speaking at Kokrajhar Awareness Programme

As a Guest Speaker in Hyderabad

As a Chairperson at the Annual Conference of Neurological society of India with Dr Velho and Dr Deepu from Mumbai

Dr. Malay Chakraborty With Prof Takeshi Kawase

Dr. Malay Chakraborty with the legendary Prof Madjid Samii
and his son Amir Samii

Dinner at the WFNS conference

Interactive session at the international conf on epilepsy

Interactive session at the 15th WFNS

Guest lecture on complications of cervical spine surgery au ANEIMIDCON



With Dr Sandip Chatterjee

With Prof Peter Wolff at the international conference on epilepsy

WFNS 2013

Speaking to delegates while presenting a paper at
the Japan India Neurosurgical Meeting

Dinner Party at the Japanese Meeting

With Prof Atul Goel and Dr Bhaskar at ANEIMIDCON

Japanese Neurosurgeons who reviewed the Research

With Prof. Ohata and Dr. Seo

With Prof. Kenji Ohata and Yoshinobu Seo

With Dr. Seo

With Dr. Keki Turel, Prof. S.K. Gupta and
Dr. Sanjay Behari

With Dr. Basant Misra