With Prof. B. Ramamurthi (one of the founding figure of modern Indian Neurosurgery), during one of his Siliguri visit in the Neurosurgery Ward, discussing an interesting case.

Felicitation from Lions Club, Siliguri.

At Ex Students Meet of Medical Colleges of Assam.

9th International Congress of Neurological Surgery.

Discussion on Antibiotic Protocol to be used in Neuro ICU with ICMR Chief at New Delhi.

With the staffs of the Royal Hospital in Bhutan.

Attending a dinner given by Bhutan’s Health Minister.

On a Seminar with German Neuro Surgeon Prof. Hanos.

At London in the Indian High Commission with Mr. Mukherjee.

With Prof. Hankinson from England & with Dr. Panugopulos & Dr. Hazinakalis of Athens, Greece in 1987 in Wheatley Bay, England.

Giving a lecture on Haemorrhagic Stroke at Ranchi.

On a group discussion with Mr. Sengupta (U.K.), Dr. Sugita (Japan) and Dr. Charles Drake (Canada) regarding Brain Stroke and its Surgical Management.

Lunch on Seminar Session regarding Brain Tumour.

Prof. Allan Crockard of Queens Square Hospital, U.K. , giving Lecture regarding surgical management of aneurysms.