Clinical Presentation and Investigations

  • A 18 yrs old boy presented with a history of Headache,vomiting,and fever for the last three months . No H/O of convulsion or any other visual defects. On admission patient was alert,conscious,well oriented.On examination pupil was B/L reactive. Bilateral papilloedema with bilateral parotid swelling. B.P.-130/90 , pulse rate- 90/min.
  • Was Suggested a C.T.Scan of the head(P&C) which suggested large irregular cystic S.O.L. with marginal enhancement and perifocal oedema causing mass effect and midline shift.—?GLIOMA

Course and Management

  • The patient was managed surgically. Left parietal craniotomy with evacuation of cystic and solid part of the tumor done with microscope under G.A. The post operative recovery was uneventful except two episodes of convulsion and a bout of fever.Removal of stiches were done without any complication.
  • On discharge patient was conscious , alert and oriented. The patient was moving all four limbs . B.P.-110/80 , Pulse – 94/min , Temperature – 98 F

Pre Operative Images

Post Operative Images