Clinical Findings and Investigations

  • A 29 year old male patient presented with the history of a pulling sensation of the abdomen , chest and both upper limbs which became severe since 10-15 days. No h/o D.M. or H.T.N.
  • On examination his Pulse was – 82/min , B.P. – 140 / 80 mm of Hg
  • Chest : Clear , Abdomen : Soft
  • Patient was unable to walk and had difficulty in urination and had exagerrated jerks.
  • MRI of the cervical spine showed typical charecteristics of cervical spondylosis with degenerative discs. C3-4 i.v. disc showed right paracentral disc protrusion obliterating neural foramina.C5-6 disc also showed posterior tear in the annulus with herniation of disc posteriorly reducing the anterior subarachnoid space and causing cord compression.
  • The patient was treated surgically by C5 / 6 microdisccectomy with microscope and anterior approach under G.A. Post operative recovery was uneventful but finally the pt. became stable and was discharged.

Pre Operative Images

Post Operative Images