The patient presented with the h/o recurrent headache , vomiting and ataxia for the last threee months. Previously she was managed by a physician who suggested a C.T.Scan which revealed acute intracerebellar haemorrhage with perilesional oedema and extension into 4th ventricle involving cerebellum. Finally when the patient came to us , A repeat C.T. and a M.R.I. suggested a Posterior Fossa space occupying lesion with MRI features suggestive of cavernous angioma with areas of focal hemorrhage.

Course and Management
The patient was told to undergo a 4 vessel angiogram but the patient’s gurdian wanted some time to arrange for some funds. Suddenly after few days the patient developed a bout of severe headache with drowsiness. She was then rushed to the O.T. and operated upon. A midline posterior fossa craniotomy was done and the S.O.L. was resected completely under the surgical microscope. Postoperative recovery was uneventful but eventually she recovered well. She was finally discharged during which she was alert , conscious , and well oriented.

Pre Operative Images

Post Operative Images