Intradural Extramodullary Schwannoma

Clinical Findings and investigationsThe patient a 35 year old gentleman presented with a severe neck pain and no other neuro deficit as such. He Had done a M.R.I. at Apollo hospital Chennai the report of which suggested intradural extramedullary S.O.L. at C2-3 level causing compressive myelopathy.------consistant with schwannoma / neurofibroma.Eventually when he came to us he was suggested a surgical [...]

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C5 – 66 Disc Heriation

Clinical Findings and InvestigationsPatient presented with weakness in all four limbs----QuadriplegiaPulse - 80 / minB.P. - 100 / 60 mm of HgAbdomen - Soft and non tenderGCS – E4 V5 M6No pupillary inequalityMRI report suggested anterior subluxation of C5 body with no marrow oedema.Posterior diffuse protrusion and herniation of C5-6 i.v. disc causing cord compression.ManagementExploration done through anterior approach , [...]

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Cervical Spondylysis with C5 – 66 Disc Rupture

Clinical Findings and Investigations A 29 year old male patient presented with the history of a pulling sensation of the abdomen , chest and both upper limbs which became severe since 10-15 days. No h/o D.M. or H.T.N. On examination his Pulse was - 82/min , B.P. - 140 / 80 mm of Hg Chest : Clear , Abdomen : [...]

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L5 – S1 Intra Vertebral Disc Herniation

Clinical Findings and Investigations The patient presented with severe backache which increased in intensity from last 4-5 days. The patient also complained of radiating pain towards her right ankle. She had no bladder or bowel involvement or any other neuro deficit as such. She was asked to undergo a M.R.I. of the lumbo sacral spine the report of which suggested [...]

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