A 59 years old gentleman presented to us with a history of fall from a motorcycle due to a sudden episode of seizure. He was managed conservatively elsewhere where CT Scan of the brain was done which revealed a middle cranial fossa SOL. He was then referred to us for further management. On examination, the patient complained of severe headache [...]

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Posterior Fossa epidermoid

Chief Complains and Clinical Findings Persistant head ache , neck pain and stiffness over the entire body and electric shock like sensation over the body around the last six months. clinically found to have UMN type of quadriplegia.Her planter were bilateral and upgoing and there was sensory impairment in the form of diminished pin prick sensation around C3 C4 level [...]

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Septum Pellucidum Meningioma

Clinical Findings and Investigations History of GTCS for the last 3 years She also gave history of headache with Vertigo & Vomiting since 23 years MRI findings on 17.02.10 suggested Right Pariental / Paramedian Convesity and Septum Pellucidum SOL Herniating into left Cerebral Parenchyma and causing midline shift of 8mm -------- MENINGIOMA Treated operatively on 19.02.10 - under G/A, Right [...]

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Cavernous Angioma in Posterior Fossa

The patient presented with the h/o recurrent headache , vomiting and ataxia for the last threee months. Previously she was managed by a physician who suggested a C.T.Scan which revealed acute intracerebellar haemorrhage with perilesional oedema and extension into 4th ventricle involving cerebellum. Finally when the patient came to us , A repeat C.T. and a M.R.I. suggested a Posterior [...]

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Clinical Presentation and InvestigationsA 18 yrs old boy presented with a history of Headache,vomiting,and fever for the last three months . No H/O of convulsion or any other visual defects. On admission patient was alert,conscious,well oriented.On examination pupil was B/L reactive. Bilateral papilloedema with bilateral parotid swelling. B.P.-130/90 , pulse rate- 90/min.Was Suggested a C.T.Scan of the head(P&C) which suggested [...]

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Case of headache & Convulsion Right Sided Weakness Right Planter Upgoing

Patient : Arjun Singh (33 Years) Bagdogra Vhutnihut village Cultivator , married with 3 children Investigation Done : CT Scan head Pain and contrast done Right frontal convexity Huge big meningioma with mid line shift & man effect Treatment Done : Right frontal craniotomy + total resection of the tumor done Histopathology : Conformed meningioma angioblastic Post Opperative : [...]

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