Case of headache & Convulsion Right Sided Weakness Right Planter Upgoing

Patient :
Arjun Singh (33 Years)
Bagdogra Vhutnihut village
Cultivator , married with 3 children

Investigation Done :
CT Scan head Pain and contrast done Right frontal convexity Huge big meningioma with mid line shift & man effect

Treatment Done :
Right frontal craniotomy + total resection of the tumor done

Histopathology :
Conformed meningioma angioblastic

Post Opperative :
CT Scan on 23/12/09
No Evidence of any recurrence of tumor seen

Inference :
Patient is Cured
(No Headache , No Convulsion , No Neuro deficit)



2018-08-16T12:36:44+00:00 August 7th, 2018|Neoplasms (Brain Tumors)|