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Name : Dr. Malay Chakraborty

Qualifications :
MBBS Graduation from Assam Medical College , Dibrugarh under Dibrugarh university MS in General Surgery from Assam Medical College MCh in Neurosurgery from Bangur institute of Neurology (BIN) under the Institute of Post graduate medical education and research (IPGMER) , Kolkata Specialised Fellowship training (F.N.S) for three years in Neurosurgery from Regional Neurosciences Centre , Newcastle upon Tyne , England , U.K.

Neurosurgeons With whom I have worked
Guides , Teachers and observed surgeries done by:-
Dr (Prof) Ramprasad (Robin) Sengupta MSc , FRCS , FRCS Life Member of Neurological Society of India (NSI) CNS-13.
Dr R.M. Kalbag FRCS Member of the Neurotrauma Society of India (NTSI).
Dr P.J. Crawford FRCS Life Member of the Skull Base Surgery Society of India (SBSSI).
Prof. John Hankinson FRCS Member of the Indian Society of neurooncology (ISNO).
Dr A.D. Meadelow Phd , FRCS Member of the Association of Neuroscientists of Eastern india.
Dr M.J. Betty FRCS , MRCS Member of the Indian Society of Cerebrovascular Surgery.
Prof Madjid Samii MD , Phd Member of the Society of British Neurosurgeons (SBNS).
Prof M Gazi Yasargill MD Member of the World Federation of Neurosurgery (WFNS).
Prof Chandranath Sen MD
Dr Manoj Bhattacharjee MS , MCh
Dr (Prof) K.V. Mathai MS (Surgery) , MS (Neurosurgery)
Prof R.N. Roy MS , MCh
Dr Veer Singh Mehta MS , MCh
Dr A.K. Banerji MS(Surgery) , MS (Neurosurg)

Academic Work of Dr. Malay Chakraborty

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My independent neurosurgical operative experience started in the year 1992. Since then I have done a huge amount of cranio- spinal trauma and stroke surgeries. Apart from emergency conditions I have also operated on huge amount of elective neurosurgical cases like brain tumours at difficult locations including skull base tumours , surgeries for vascular lesions like aneurysms, AVMs ,Moya moya disease etc , cervical disc surgery , lumbar disc surgeries , syringomyelia, spinal tumours , tethered cord syndrome and spinal instrumentation for spinal fixation. Very regularly I also operate for disease pathologies related to peripheral nerves.

  • Vascular Neurosurgery for aneurysms and AVMs.
  • Microsurgery for Skull base Tumours.

In India :

  • Prof R.N.Roy . Consultant Neurosurgeon and formerly Professor and head Dept. of Neurosurgery IPGME&R Kolkata.
  • Prof. A.K. Banerji, Consultant Neurosurgeon VIMHANS, New Delhi and Professor Emeritus AIIMS, New Delhi.
  • Prof Manoj Kr Bhattacharya . Consultant Neurosurgeon. Professor and Head Dept. of Neurosurgery IPGMER&R Kolkata.
  • Prof Veer Singh Mehta. Consultant Neurosurgeon . Paras Hospital , Gurgaon. Formerly Professor and head Dept. of Neurosurgery , All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) , New Delhi.
  • Prof. K.V.R. Sastry, Consultant Neurosurgeon, NIMHANS , Bangalore.
  • Prof K.V. Mathai . Consultant neurosurgeon . Formerly Professor and Head Dept. of Neurosurgery , CMCH Vellore.
  • Prof. Atul Goel, Professor and HOD, Dept. of Neurosurgery, KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Outside India:

  • Prof R.P. Sengupta, OBE, Emeritus Professor and Consultant Neurosurgeon. Regional Neurosciences centre , Newcastle upon tyne , England , U.K. & Chairman of the Institute of Neurosciences , Kolkata
  • Prof R.M. Kalbag. Consultant Neurosurgeon. Regional Neurosciences centre , Newcastle upon tyne , England , U.K.
  • Prof Chandranath Sen . Consultant Neurosurgeon and Director Dept of Neurosurgery , New York university (NYU) Langone Medical Centre, USA.
  • Prof. Alexander David Mendelow, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI), Regional Neurosciences Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, U.K.
  • Prof. John Hankinson, Consultant Neurosurgeon , Newcastle upon Tyne, England, U.K.